Radiata Pine
Breeding Company

RPBC is New Zealand's only specialist radiata pine breeding company, and occupies a central position in the forest industry breeding supply chain.

RPBC breeds elite genetic material, and provides knowledge, support and tools to continuously improve profitability for Australasian radiata pine forest owners.

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Our mission is to improve forest growers' profitability by increasing the rate of annual genetic gain, and to create and implement technological advances in genetics that will lead to greater competitiveness of the Australasian radiata pine industry.

improved germplasm

We do this by capturing and delivering genetic gain to the breeding supply chain, in the form of well characterised improved germplasm.

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new technologies

The RPBC is entering a new era, moving to capitalise on its strong foundations and access to unique genetic resources by embracing new breeding technologies and by developing a more commercial approach to its operations.

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genetic improvement

The present value of genetic improvement in trees planted from 1977 - 1994 in the New Zealand forest estate has been conservatively calculated at NZ$3.5 billion, with further estimated gains of over NZ$5 billion in trees planted since then.

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